Anxiety and Opportunity

Here are some common tips to ‘avoid’ the avoidance coping mechanism and create some positive and healthy habits during this challenging time.

  • Connect with others: even in small increments of time, by phone, outdoors, and eventually beginning steps toward more intimate engagement, one person and one cup of coffee at a time.
  • Exercise: engage in something enjoyable, breath fresh air, shift and stretch your body to enhance and release natural endorphins resulting in improved mood, better emotional regulation, and increased ability to face challenges that come your way.
  • Sleep: onboard good sleep hygiene and aim for consistency of schedule
  • Balanced meals: improved energy, ability to concentrate, decreased irritability and overwhelm
  • Practice Grace: toward yourself and others, positive and encouraging self-talk, reassuring self-affirming messages
  • Resiliency: Remind self of overcoming previous obstacles
  • Positive Engagement: Prioritize activities that reduce anxiety and promote well being
  • Engage at least one pleasurable activity each and every day!



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